What's wrong with MSD?

[Before you read: I am not fan of MS captaincy style, rather I like Dada style more. And, I am not a fan of Ganguly batting, I like Jammy batting style more than anybody else!!!]

Lets face it: India has crushed out of 2015 Cricket World Cup with host Australia outplayed us in all departments of the game. And, quite naturally passionate cricket fans are out to perform RCA (root-cause-analysis) of the crushing defeat. Some are shocked while others are angry!

I am disappointed as well as very annoyed at the same time. Disappointed - due to the nature of the defeat (match was well over even before 15th over in second innings). Annoyed - with the way section of fans, TV channels and 'few' cricket experts are unleashing their anger and disappointment at MS and team.

Indeed most of the questions are being asked really don't make much sense! Example: a TV channel with a film star in it's discussion panel (LoL) asked why Kohli was given bowl at 11th over; another channel was furiously questioning Dhoni's lack of emotion (read, tears like South African counterparts) after the defeat. More example: social media friends are also questioning exclusion of Yuvi and Gambhir (now!! really!!!); some others are pointing to Mahi's unusually slow start to his innings. To note - other players like Dhawan, Kohli area also being target of this blaming process.

Every team and captain prepare their strategy for the gameday and we all are aware of Dhoni's out-of-box decision making in shorter formats. So, its completely non-sense to question decisions like Kohli's bowling or Ashwin's late introduction. He took those calls as he & think-tank thought those are the best for Team India. Sometime it works (Joginder Sharma in T20 World Cup triumph or Ishant's 'that' over in the Champions Trophy) and sometime it doesn't. That's the way it goes!

What concerns me more is few other things! Once Kohli was given an over, why he did not continue with another couple? Why Raina did not bowl at all even when Smith-Finch partnership was cooking up? Why Jaddu continued when both Australian batsmen were playing comfortably? Again, I am not seeking any answer or not demanding an apology from MS or the Indian team. I am trying to understand why these mistakes happened (if these are classified as mistakes)? And, that's what we need to fix before our next venture!

May be think-tank read the game wrongly (like 1996 semis against Sri Lanka). May be quite exceptionally Mahi lost his composure & choked (probably one of very few times in shorter format). Under pressure he tried too many things too quickly and committed those tactical-errors. May be it was just a bad day at office for MS where nothing clicked for him (starting from toss).

MS and this team have been known to handle pressure well, known to chase better than any other team on earth. Unfortunately for us - they choked on this occasion and quality Aussie bowling made it more difficult. Chasing 329 against Australia in Australia in a WC semis is always difficult. Only India could have achieved that feat and due to our top & middle order batting collapse we could not make it.

MS and team has given a lot of cheers to us - even in this tournament we won 7 at a stretch and outplayed teams like South  Africa & Pakistan. They will surely introspect and will bounce back as this defeat was not a disaster. Team played good enough to create realistic chance & expectation to win the cup back. But, retaining cup in Australian condition was always a 50-50 chance!

Closing notes - Spare Kohli and his girlfriend as this has nothing to do with our cricket. Venting frustration does not need to be always in abusive manner. And, of-course don't throw any stone please!


  1. To be fair to the film start (small planet may be :P) , it was the other guy in black v neck tee who asked that dumb question. They said all kind of irritating, stupid and KRK type questions which made those 40 mins totally ridiculous. Anyways..the team did well reaching semis. Aussies were too strong for them and they didn't have an answer thru out the summer for aussies. And this was fine..losing to them is OK. People should calm down everywhere..anushka jokes are really not funny anymore

  2. Today I have read a lot of Twitter remarks abt anushka and virat, and believe me some are so disgraceful and cheap. I am shocked on the mentality of people. We lost a game and making such demeaning comments abt a person who is not even a part of the team is shocking.

    On other note we lost a game, learn from our mistakes. On the start of the cup not many even thought we will reach till here. But team played well, won seven matches consecutively, took 70 wickets, so called fans of Indian cricket don't just take ur disappointment out as unnecessary anger.


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