Googling Happiness?

India vs Australia. World cup 2015 semi-final match and what a buildup to this. Starting from panwala to RJ - all are excite in their own ways. Service holders are taking off, showing fake sickness (no issue as manager is also on sick leave), private offices are putting up big screens for employees and so on. Today everybody to forget about everything else and ready to concentrate on the match - ball by ball. But why?

Why billion plus country become stand still? Why 70% of tickets of a match hosted in Australia is grabbed by Indians? Why nobody question your action when you are doing that for following the match? Cricket is religion and cricketers are god! But, is that the only reason for the absolutely unbelievable phenomena?

I think - its little different from that! It's not about cricket, it's not about being patriotic, it's not about influencing results happening thousands miles away. It's probably about 'happiness'. How many of same fraternity followed Indian team or cricket matches when Indian team was performing poorly in last tour and in last few years? Not so many I guess!

It's all about our living style (not life-style) and being passionate about a think you love. Maximum people of my country earns their bread-n-butter in very challenging condition. While a daily labor's daily routine is severely demanding, a IT guy who earns way more than regular daily wage earner, is also facing equally demanding situations in every step. Happiness is rare and tough to catch! Be it earning your daily bread or be it getting satisfied with you boss or with your daily achievement - you always ponder what could have been better. That's one dominant reason why we look for joy in our passions and even before that, that's why we are passionate!

That's the reason we cry with AB when South Africa crashes out once again (we are Indians, why do we need to feel sorry about South Africans? but we do)! That's the reason we feel supportive towards Wahab Riaz and Pakistan team when they bowl superbly and still go home by dropping lollipop catches.

We look for joy in our passion and we support our passion almost with everything we have. And, we do this as we keep searching for happiness. Amid all of the hustle & bustle, success of Indian cricket team is something we love to talk about, something we like to share with each other. And, another important facet is: in the passionate world you don't need to divide your happiness. It's universe of abundance and all can be happiest together!

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