A Nation which lost Compassion

Yesterday on radio I heard about a student who drove on his bike from Bangalore to Jammu to spread awareness on Women Safety. After the Kathua rape, he made this plan so that he can create awareness on how women in our country are unsafe.

For a moment I was not sure how to react on this, are these the ways to create awareness but then the very next moment the only thought that came to my mind was whatever way is being adopted to create awareness, concern is bigger than the way ; “Women are Unsafe”.

It’s not that this is something which has started happening in India now, since ages women never had their place defined. Rapes and violence against woman was happening a lot earlier also and majority of these were actually happening in their own homes. Women were never allowed to speak against those. But today the cases are coming more out in open because now we are aware to talk about the same. Some people have now started believing that if a woman or a girl is raped its not her fault. I hope everyone understands this fact sooner.

First time i saw the country rise was after 16 December 2013, the Nirbhaya case. But what actually led to that, a girl was raped by goons but what we as a country did to that girl. People passed by even after looking at almost naked girl because they didn't wanted to get into any legal implications. You never know might be that delay in reaching hospital made her lose her life. After years of that, today when the girl’s mother is being felicitated in an function to honour woman, Ex DGP makes a comment which made us cringe ; "I see Nirbhaya's mother, she has such a good physique. I can just imagine how beautiful Nirbhaya would have been,"  When asked him to comment safety tips he commented "If you are overpowered, you should surrender, and follow up the case later. That way we can be safe, save life, prevent being killed,"

After hearing this I am actually not sure where we are going as a nation who has police officers like this.

Recent case of a small girl of 8 years who was raped and killed because she belonged to a certain tribe was even more appalling. What can make a man rape a 8 year old child. Yes people she is not even a grown up girl, she is just a small child. She was raped for 7 days by 7 men, one old enough to be her grandfather. The background came as people of one particular community didn't want a nomadic tribe to visit the specific area anywhere in future so they planned this crime. Even worst thing which happened after this incident was that when accused were arrested there were protests on the roads of Kathua which demanded release of the accused and the protest was carried out by hundreds of WOMEN and even ministers of the leading party.

If in a country where women can not stand for a small girl child, where ruling party supports accused rather than victims, I don’t know where we will go as a NATION.

People say that the dress of the girl is luring boys, if a girl talks more with boys she is giving an indication that she is available, she is going out to party in night then obviously she is available. Boys are boys, they will make mistakes.

Its high time we start educating our boys rather than girls so that these MISTAKES are not repeated.

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