Beautiful OR Average

Recently a real life experiment was conducted by Dove in places like London, Paris, San Francisco, Delhi and Sao Paulo which asked women whether they thought they are beautiful

Two doorways were set up side by side, one labelled as Average and one labelled as Beautiful. Woman who thinks she is beautiful needs to pass through the door labelled as Beautiful and hence otherwise.

Idea behind the campaign was to prove that beauty is a matter of choice or how we perceive it.
But as expected majority of the women chose the Average Door.
Are we so much concerned about our size, our complexion, our features, our style that we forget what lies inside us.
 Is being beautiful means I should be size zero, fair with sharp features and smooth long tresses.
I don't think so.

I am not size zero, I have wheatish complexion, have short hair but
Today if someone asks me that do you think you are beautiful; my answer is yes I am beautiful, whereas many people will think that I don’t even cross the boundary of average. But that is their perception; they are looking at me from outside.
I feel beautiful.
I am a confident woman, who thinks she has a capability to live a happy life. Who has a capability to make people around her happy.
I don't get over shadowed by categorized beautiful women, I have the ability to make my presence felt wherever I am.

Beauty is just a matter of choice that we can chose on our own. If we feel we are beautiful we can make others believe that.

But actually should  I really care what others think of me. I feel and believe beautiful and that's what should matter.

So dear ladies, think and believe in yourself and world will be yours.

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