a romantic date with her!

Couple of days back, I put up one question on the social networking website Facebook: what's the most romantic gift you can present to your beloved? Well, I did not receive that much responses which I was expecting. Probably because, I was not asking at the right place or people are too busy in e-romance. I strongly believe even in 2015- there are lovers who feel incomplete even after terabytes of e-romance. Even in the busiest moment of life, they want to go beyond '&lt3' (this is love sign in Topeka aka google talk) and feel every drop of life.

5. Plan to wrap up your works early for the day; give a surprise call to your beloved. Take her to the 'Barista' (nearby and comfortable one of course). On arrival, present her one large size 'Temptation'(just stop by the nearest or most accessible chocolate shop and grab one quickly). Then, occupy the corner seat (better if it's couch rather than normal chairs), seat relaxed and order all the items in the shop with chocolate sauce. Just kidding: allow your partner to order and you just have a mug of hot coffee. The 'Barista' coffee blend is too good. You may try the Ethiopian flavor.

4. Be it new year eve, birth day, anniversary or some other occasion- Take your beloved for a dinner to some 'open air' restaurant. Have your dinner but don't take any desert as part of the meal. After the dinner, get couple of ice creams from the ice-cream bar or nearby ice-cream shop and then, make a 'side by side' walk to finish those.

3. This is only applicable if you are staying in another town or in another place from your beloved. Plan a surprise trip to the city where your beloved stays, on her birth night. Keep your cards close to your chest (otherwise it would not be a surprise). Stay connected over the phone without letting her know your plan (tough !!!). Come down just before the midnight (don't make it after 12 am please) and give her a surprise. To add spice to this gift- you may plan it earlier and let her know. And then, a couple of days before the D-day show some realistic reason and inform her that you are postponing your plan. Trust me- if you can do it realistically, it would add a lot of spice and salt water :)

2. Choose a weekend evening when either its raining or you have a good reason to stay back at home. Prepare the dinner yourself. I know- you are not a good cook; no worry- just do your best. Prepare whatever you are confident about and don't bother to think anything else. After having dinner- recite those beautiful lines in your diary which you composed thinking of your beloved OR read out your favorite romantic paragraphs from some good novel. You may also opt for a romantic movie if you are done with the other options. My suggestion: '51 Dates' or 'Music & Lyrics'.

1. This is my 'bookmarked' one: Get your beloved for a long walk or a long drive (whichever is appropriate) in a spring evening; Keep a lovely place in mind as destination – it may be a 'silence zone' in the crowded city or a naturally pleasant place away from hustle and bustle of city life. On your way toward the destination- if you come across a street hawker selling beautiful red roses, make no mistake to grab all of those and present that bunch to your lovely soul mate. While taking a boat ride or walking on 'not so noisy' street– SHOUT (not sing) your favorite romantic songs keeping her hands in your hands. Spend some quality time – trust me, in today's time there is nothing as romantic as few hours of quality time with your beloved.

"Does anyone know how it feels to hold you? 
Does anyone know the secret of your mind?"

I am sure you have millions other thoughts on the same now. Even I do. But these are the ones which strikes my mind and chosen one. How about you? If you can think of something, you can make it happen too. For now, just express it here. Trust me- it's fun.

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