Four Chap-ters!

In our life we meet a number of people- some of them are remembered and some not at all. This is about those whom we forget in the very next moment. Recently I came across a very long journey (around 32 hours) back to my home and here are the four individuals whom I found the simplest. Well, I am not naturally social and I rarely have any conversation with my co-passengers and always involved in books, magazines and mostly in sleep (especially in jet-lag zone).


After completing all the formalities, I took a cup of coffee and a corner seat in the Newark (New York) airport lounge. I was waiting for my flight to Heathrow, London and was about to complete the review of the Tom Cruise starred movie \'Valkyre\'. I noticed my first chapter: Sreeneevas is now working in USA for ten long years and going back to India in his Christmas vacation. Though he is from the southern part of India, he was born and brought up in the northern part of the country. Not surprisingly like any other Indian staying abroad, he has an opinion on each happening in India.

He has a strong comment on the recent Mumbai terror attack and hates the politician and their stands in the whole context. He does not like Pakistan; neither supports the idea of a war with that country. He believes that India is doing well in all fronts and it should not hamper its chances by involving in a war at this point. He also feels the way politicians did in stopping the tata nano project in Bengal is shameful. He is curious to know why they did this blunder :)

After spending a long time in USA, he feels it is a nice place to stay. Though there are a few negatives like little racism, health immunity issue (in pollution free environment people lose their natural immunity to fight the Indian weather... interesting), he focuses more on the positives: \"can you buy an apartment for yourself in today\'s market with your Indian salary?\" \"No, I cannot.\" That was my inner reply. He is a nice chap with many positives in his attitude; his opinions are not driven by \'social status maintaining\' desire but by the truths and his thoughts.


In Heathrow airport, I was waiting for my \'connection flight\' to Bangalore, India. I was having sip to the spring water bottle and following a conversation in the row behind keeping my eyes on the ever-changing timetable: One person was from Kolkata and another bloke was from Bangalore. Bangalore guy stays in Chicago for work purpose and again was visiting his family in India during Christmas holiday. This bloke was concerned about how early he would be reaching home and meeting his family.

Bangalore bound flight gate detail is not flashed even before just 60 minutes before of its scheduled departure. My unknown friend was concerned about that and asking different co-passengers about what can be the possible reason for the same. Joy of meeting the family after a long break was beaming in his face and his body language. It was normally special.


This person I came across in the Bangalore bound flight; he boarded late and all the cabin luggage holders were full; with laptop bag, jacket and duty free chocolates he was struggling to make his space. I suggested him to give the chocolates to the airhostess; he put the laptop at the bottom of the seat sitting by my side: He is from Panaji, Goa. For a break, he is not software professional but he is a chef in a ship.

He usually travels to Miami and joins a ship for his work; he spends around 3 months at a stretch and then comes back for a break to India. This repeats. This time he is coming back earlier than the scheduled due to some urgent work at home.

Though he enjoys his work a lot but he hates it as a profession; he is quite upset about his parent company and the competitions which is not healthy at all. Supervisors take credit of all good works by subordinates. He got a promotion recently and is doing well but he is tired of sea life and negative work atmosphere out there.

He likes football and alcohol. This bloke is more Indian than Portuguese (one of previous Goan friend did not even know our national anthem composer). He understands his ancestral connection with the Portugal but he is a real Indian from heart. He was set for taking a connection flight from Bangalore to Goa this afternoon.


It was small domestic flight from Bangalore to Kolkata and she was sitting next to me. Engrossed in a book, wearing denim, and jacket; quickly changing the pages of the novel she was reading: Probably she was yet another software professional working in Bangalore and going back to Kolkata on holiday. Though she was looking very nervous, I am sure it was not her first fly.

She just took the hand towel from the service provider airhostess but did not use it but keeping it in hand. She opted from orange juice, had few sips...being busy with her novel she ultimately ended up pouring the juice on seat, her clothes & her novel. In addition, part of my seat. Probably this experience made her more nervous and she did not even accept the breakfast in the flight.

Was it her first fly alone? Altogether first flight? So nervous! So much effort to hide inside the book and newspapers; Well I will never know the fact...can you guess about my fourth chapter?

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